Hiding Out

Sometimes you just need to make a break for it and it’s time to just chill out. We had plans to visit my parents in Bigelow, MN and we always take the same route. This time we decided to veer off course, take a night (or two) and find a place to hide out. Turns out there’s a tiny park on Lime Lake near Avoca, MN. It’s a whopping 55 miles from here, but for the life of me I don’t recall ever being there.

Lime Lake Park is super small and tucked in behind a cemetery just west of Avoca, population 108. There are only 3 campsites and we had the whole place to ourselves. There are electric hookups and there is a central hydrant for water. The only caveat to the water is you have to hold it down to get any. Good thing we filled before we left!

The lake has a small dam with a bridge to nowhere over it. However, the lake is so low that there is just a trickle going over it right now. However it was just what we needed, peaceful and quiet.

Turns out one night wasn’t enough so the next day we ventured into town and decided to check out the local watering hole. It caught our eye because the bar is actually located in what was once the bank. There are actually 2 vaults inside. As more and more of the locals started filtering in we ended up outside on the patio engaged in hours of conversation. Once the tequila shots started coming we politely excused ourselves and headed back to the rig!!! What a fun night though.

Veggie Stockup

On Sunday we finally arrived in Bigelow, MN to visit with my parents, and you can’t stop in there without stocking up on some awesome produce!! The garden is in full swing and so is farmer’s market time. I couldn’t believe the size of the roma tomatoes, I mean OMG their HUGE!!! We ended up filling one of our storage bays with all kinds of garden goodies. Thanks Mom & Dad for all the veggies!!

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