Flandreau Park Days 2016

Hometown Gig

Leap Year Show Sans End RV Park

Concert at Quartzsite

Hard to believe almost a month has gone by since this awesome night in Quartzsite, AZ. Here’s our video recap, hope you enjoy!

Irony In The Desert

While reviewing some of the pictures of our performance in Quartzite I was struck by an overwhelming feeling. I’m following in my grandfather’s footsteps, just in a more modern way!

Loading the Music Gear

Here’s a short video on how we were able to load and pack our music gear into our RV.

BlueJay’s 1 Year Anniversary

Congratulations to Kevin and Shari Hammer and their family on this milestone!  It’s amazing to have this establishment in our little town!

Visits BlueJay’s Facebook page for daily specials and upcoming events.

Riverside Park Days

Beautiful weather and scenic surroundings made a perfect day for families and friends to enjoy an acoustic set of music from us.

Please visit their Facebook page for this years great local event!

Baumberger Vineyard

Had a great time playing for Baumburger Vineyard Swine and Cheese event.

Thanks Pete and Julie! For more information visit their website www.baumbergervineyard.com

Dusk to Dawn

The Japanese Gardens was the place for the dusk to dawn this year and we were invited to perform there.  Read more