We Can See – Fogged Glass Repaired

This is how our passenger side window looked in May of 2015 when we first purchased this unit.

Solar, Wifi & Cell Booster

With almost 3 years of reading RV blogs of those who have gone before us we knew the dream of boon docking would require some type of solar power.  

RV Spare Tire Bay Renovation

The spare tire controversy has been widely discussed on forums all over the web and we read many of them to help with our decision to eliminate hauling one around.

Preparing To Tow Four Wheels Down

After several months of shopping for the perfect tow car to handle four wheels down we were lucky enough to find just what we needed.  We opted for a 2006 Saturn VUE

Repainting the Front Bumper & Grill

The exterior of our coach was in overall really good shape, but the faded gray front bumper and grill stood out like a sore thumb!! Oddly enough, when we started looking at other Holiday Rambler Admirals in that same year on the internet the front bumper was faded on all of them.

Windshield Curtain Replacement

The first night in our RV we got our first surprise while trying to close the curtains over the windshield.  Although in 1999 it probably looked good on paper and may have actually worked well for a few years in the real world, but this proved to be the first thing on our list which had […]