Ah, the first time out. Did we go to some fancy RV Resort, a State Park, a secluded lakefront view?? Nope, we visited my parents in Bigelow, Minnesota.They live about 100 miles from us. Our thinking was to take a short trip and make sure everything is working properly. If we had any issues, we had access to tools or whatever we needed. So I guess you could say the maiden voyage consisted of driveway surfing. The rates can be beat, free electrical and water hookups!

If there is one thing that my Dad love’s to do it’s gardening. However, not on a scale like most of us do. His garden is HUGE!! He just turned 77 this year and did I mention his garden is HUGE!! It was nice to stop in during spring so I could snap a few pictures of the garden. We’ll return later and check the progress. Twice a week he goes to the local Farmer’s Market where people come out in droves to purchase all the fresh produce.

It was a successful trip. We used the time to get to know our coach, testing all the systems and of course a little help around the yard for my parents. Headed back to South Dakota we stopped off at the rest area right at the border. Where of course we dumped our tanks for the first time. Thanks, South Dakota for providing water and dump stations at a lot of the rest areas! Much appreciated.

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