The first night in our RV we got our first surprise while trying to close the curtains over the windshield.  Although in 1999 it probably looked good on paper and may have actually worked well for a few years in the real world, but this proved to be the first thing on our list which had to be addressed.

The sliding rail system for the curtains was flimsy plastic which had become stiff and wavy from the years of hot sun which maybe could have been prevented had the thing been fastened more securely.  Close inspection showed just a few small screws holding this rail in place and it came down very quickly.

Once the curtains came out you can actually see just how nasty they were!!

Some earlier years in the photography business lead us to our solution for the new rail system and we realized everything we needed for this update was still mounted on the ceiling in our old photo area.  Just a few measurements with a couple of swipes of the chop saw and we were set to put this improved idea in place.

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