The exterior of our coach was in overall really good shape, but the faded gray front bumper and grill stood out like a sore thumb!! Oddly enough, when we started looking at other Holiday Rambler Admirals in that same year on the internet the front bumper was faded on all of them.

Little things like that really annoy Rod!! So, a call to our relative that owns G&S Auto Body in Pipestone, MN was just the ticket. However, we didn’t really want to have a gray bumper, it just seemed like it didn’t match the rest of the colors on the coach. In fact, the only other hint of gray (or silver I”m not really sure what it was supposed to be) was on a circular logo.

A couple days at the shop and here are the results. We really like how it turned out!! Sometimes it’s the little things…

After seeing the nicely painted bumper, you can really see how crappy the yellowed headlights look along with the faded wipers. Yep, they’re on the “todo” list. Watch for future posts on those projects.

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