The Final Days

It’s been a whole month staying at the Arizonian in Gold Canyon and although it’s been great we are ready to get moving again and hit the road. In looking ahead at the weather forecast we know there is a huge system coming in from the west and there’s no driving out of it. We spent the last few days here trying to get out and enjoy some decent weather before the rains move in.

We hit up the Mesa Marketplace and Swap Meet one more time in search of hats and sunglasses. Another trip to pick up more wonderful produce at Superstition Ranch Market and we had a pretty big grocery list. Once we leave here we know we’ll be in pretty rural areas again for a while so time to stock up again. We spent a whole afternoon cooking up a storm so we could freeze a few things in preparation of heading to Quartzsite (more to come on that later).

Evidently we must be glutens for punishment and drove out to the Peralta Trail again. We almost got taken out twice on that road, once by someone passing on a blind curve and the other was a guy on his cell phone driving on the wrong side of the road. We took a walk down the Lost Goldmine Trail and had fun taking some pictures sporting our new hats!! We were also on a bit of a mission to do some testing with our new camera. We wanted a camera with interchangeable lenses that could also do video and something that wasn’t so heavy in comparison to our big Canon 10D. Another feature we were looking for is the ability to use a wireless remote. So far, I’m in love with this new camera and can’t wait to get out and take more pictures!!

The Arizonian Resort

The Arizonian sits about 5 miles east of Gold Canyon just off Highway 60. It’s a very nice resort and has over 400 sites. They have a lot of amenities such as a pool, hot tub, fitness room, pickle ball, nice laundry facilities and free wifi. The wifi worked most of the time, however there’s room for a lot of improvement. The laundry required use of a re-loadable card so no need to carry around quarters.

We really liked the location. It has that nice peaceful country setting, yet you can jump in your car and in just a few minutes you’re surrounded by mega shopping and great restaurants. We had some nice neighbors and it’s always great when they let you help yourself to their orange trees!

The rates for a monthly stay are pretty midline for this area. They charge 599.00 for one month and it includes access to everything and all utilities except electricity. You are metered for electric and that was an additional 70.00. If you average it out for the month it comes out to 22.00 a day, which isn’t too bad considering the location and amenities. Also, we had absolutely zero fuel costs for our motorhome for the entire month since we didn’t move. In fact, we haven’t put any gas in the motorhome since November 15th.

Here’s a shot of our last evening in Gold Canyon. It was always so beautiful just before the sunset the way it lit up the mountains. We could literally step out our door and see this every day.

That Darn Cat!

We had to check out Monday, January 4th by noon so we made our to do list and spent most of Sunday preparing to leave. The plan was to leave about 10:30 to miss the rain yet not get to Lake Pleasant too early and not be able to check in. This was almost foiled by our cat!!!! We are just about to pull out of our site when Rod hit’s the button to raise the jacks and only the rear jacks go up. Our darn cat had found a new hiding place. She figured out she could get up inside the dash by climbing up behind the brake pedal. In doing so she pulled a wiring connection loose that controls the jacks. Fortunately Rod was able to reseat the connector and up came the jacks!!! That opening has since been blocked and that’s not happening again!

Where To Next

So long Gold Canyon, till we meet again.

We have a great site booked overlooking the water at Lake Pleasant. Then we head to Congress, AZ where we will stay at Escapees North Ranch for one week.

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  1. Jan Hanson
    Jan Hanson says:

    Sounds like you are having a wonderful time. Its really cold here today and hate ever min. of it. Did leave this morn to take my mom to the nursing home to see dad otherwise its been couch time for me. Still don’t know what we will be dong in Feb. yet have to wait and see what the Dr. says, and we also have ticket to go to the casino to Tommy James the 2/20. You really do a nice job in your write ups Tanya. You two take care and driver safe. Which we could meet you in Quartsite but I don’t think they have any motels there. Have Fun. Jerry and Jan.

    • Tanya Clark
      Tanya Clark says:

      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment! Takes time do the write ups, but we are so grateful to be able to be out here doing this and it serves as our scrapbook. Right now Jerry’s health is most important and hope his appointment goes well!! If you get the chance though to still hit the road for a while yet this winter/spring take it, we’ll still be down here. We’ve had a week of clouds and rain, but today the sun is out and looking good for Quartzsite. Take care. Tanya

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