Lake Pleasant & Escapees North Ranch

After being stationary for a month if felt good to hit the road again. Although not a long drive from Gold Canyon to Lake Pleasant it did require being in traffic and road construction, two things we don’t particularly like!!

Goodbye Gold Canyon

It’s been a whole month staying at the Arizonian in Gold Canyon and although it’s been great we are ready to get moving again and hit the road.

The Apache Trail

**Update. We recently added the video, “Driving The Apache Trail” to this post. So take a ride with us over 40 miles from Goldfield Ghost Town all the way to the Roosevelt Dam

Out and About the Gold Canyon Area

The last couple weeks we have been bogged down by work projects and the weather hasn’t really been the most cooperative. However we managed a few outings and it seems most of them have to do with food.

Desert Riding

Here’s a video of a wonderful afternoon of ATV riding out in the desert near Gold Canyon, AZ

Coyotes, Cactus & Mexico (barely)

After spending almost a week boondocking without hookups we decided to head back to Why, AZ to Coyote Howls West RV Park and stay for a week on full hookups.

First Time Boondocking

After reading other travel blogs and hearing about how much others love to boondock we knew this was something we wanted to try. Some people call it dry camping, dispersed camping, wild camping but its best known in this region as boondocking.

Space, Sand, Nuts & Laundry

On Thursday, November 12, 2015 the winds finally died down and we were on the road. We wanted to visit the White Sands National Monument and the New Mexico Museum of Space History. This time we turned to our Passport America membership to find something in that area.

Valley of Fires Recreation Area

How we ended up here was kind of a fluke. We knew we wanted to visit the White Sands, however we had no reservations or firm idea of where we wanted to stay.

The First Time Out

Ah, the first time out. Did we go to some fancy RV Resort, a State Park, a secluded lakefront view?? Nope, we visited my parents in Bigelow, Minnesota.